Dear Our Stakeholders,

We would like to warn you about fake e-mail messages which seem to be sent via the address of “”.

Since last night, e-mails are being sent to various addresses those which look like as if they were received from the e-mail account with an extension of “”, misleading as they were containing “draft of contract” and even not having any relation to Mazars Denge at all.

These e-mail messages are not being sent neither from the infrastructure of Mazars Denge nor from the domain name of “”.These e-mails have already been blocked at the recipients who use anti-spamsystems which control domain name with the real IP number. These e-mails, which are determined as being foreign-based, are containing virus and the notification about the issue is made with the necessary authorities for enabling them to have precautions placed with.  

Furthermore, our domains for sending e-mail are “”and “”. Under no circumstances, we do not send e-mail from the domain of ““. 

We significantly remind that you have to delete directly without opening the e-mails those which you think that it is sent fromthe address mentioned above or similarly that you have suspicion about thesource of the message itself. We suggest you also have your all computers (PC,laptop, notebook, tablet or xPad, etc.) you suspect that are infected by virus,being scanned by the anti-virus software which the virus database is very recently updated. 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

This message is intended for your immediate information.

With our best regards,

Mazars Denge

Example of fake e-mail

Iyi çalismalar,

Hasan Bey ile yapilan sözlesmenin taslagini ekte gönderiyorum.

Sizden gelen cevaba göre taslagi düzeltip haftaya imzalamaya gelecegiz.

En kisa zamanda taslagi kontrol edip dönüs saglarsaniz sevinirim.


Murat Balcioglu