Human Resources Policies

Help spread the company’s sustainability strategy throughout the company and stakeholders via a number of practices to allow all employees to embrace and internalize that strategy

Develop HR policies based on the principle of establishing an “emotional bond” with all employees Communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders

Adopt practices that will help Mazars Denge to be an innovative company attracting the most talented and open-minded individuals

Prioritize existing employees for open positions, if they meet the requirements

Disregard gender, religion, ethnicity and similar differences in recruitment and promotion; view diversity as wealth; select the most suitable and competent candidates at the end of a transparent recruitment process in which each candidate is given equal opportunity

Adopt practices to improve women’s employment and development

Plan and carry out technical/professional development and human resources processes structured through classroom, online and one-to- one coaching and mentoring methods to improve competencies, thus ensuring that the company is a learner organization on the basis of its sense of ethics and reliability as well as its commitment to offering quality and boutique services. 

Help employees make career plans, including work and exchange programs abroad

Develop the performance system in line with the changing needs and demands of the working day and employees

Work towards integrating corporate sustainability criteria into the performance criteria for all employees

Utilize human resources in a way that allows for the creation of an ecosystem that supports innovation and internal entrepreneurship

Develop and follow a fair wage policy

Implement boutique practices for different departments while sharing the same fundamental values

Diligently monitor occupational health and safety practices, as employee health and safety is much valued at Mazars Denge; create and maintain a safe and peaceful work environment and conduct any training needed to ensure this

Work towards helping Mazars Denge offices outside Istanbul to adopt similar practices.