The Fourth Day of TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential Entrepreneurship Camp

The fourth day of “TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” camp, of which we are Gold Sponsors has ended.

Entrepreneurs coming from all over Turkey started the day with the moderation of Barış Özistek EMEA CEO of Netmarble during the panel “Being a Businessperson in the World of Games.” Burak Balık, founder of Joygame, the guest speaker of the panel, mentioned the nearly one thousand game companies in Turkey. Sharing his experiences with the young audience, Özistek pointed out the possibility of taking different routes. He gave the formula for success: “You may begin your success story in the right place but do not lose heart if you fail to be successful at your first trial! You will achieve success by trying and trying again!”

The young participants of the TÜSİAD “These Young People Have the Potential” camp were joined by angel investors in the second forum. The panel was entitled “Mathematics of Finding Investors” Muzaffer Özkan, Board of Directors Member of Keiretsu Forum Türkiye and Namık Kural from TRAngels Angel Investor Network, talked about how they began their careers in the corporate world and then moved onto become an investor. Telling the entrepreneurs that they were not alone on their journey, Namık Kural said: “An angel investor is someone who understands and likes your project, someone who gives you not only financial support but shares their experiences as well.”

Muzaffer Öztan, meanwhile emphasized cooperation with angel investors: “An angel investor should be someone who picks you up when you fall down.”

Hande Hançer Çelik from Partners Law Firm, advised young entrepreneurs on how to protect their ideas which they plan on writing their success stories with. The session entitled “How to Protect the Right to My Ideas” hosted significant information on patents, utility models and copyright.

In the middle of the last day of the camp, Dr. İzel Levi Coşkun, our CEO and Working Group Chairman of TÜSİAD “These Young People Have the Potential”, shared a presentation on 8 formatting mistakes. He pointed out the importance of sustainable entrepreneurships for a sustainable life and thinking in the right format. Coşkun told the audience members that they had the potential to initiate change with their ideas.

Entrepreneurs who participated in the camp also received tips from members of previous teams in top 12 including Selen Koç, Founding Partner of Alppedo, Berkay Şamiloğlu, Founding Partner of Tion and Saliha Nur Tanış, Founding Partner of Tion. The session entitled “Presentations from Successful Mentors” hosted speakers who shared their experiences of making presentations and contributed to the work of entrepreneurs who prepared to make presentations to mentors.

Murat Ünver detailed the key aspects of an effective presentation in the session “Presentation Techniques.”

Entrepreneurs received information on presentations and their techniques from mentors and joined each other to improve their skills in a workshop.

Ferrah Sefer, our Tax Partner, gave basic information on company types and taxes to entrepreneurs at the TÜSİAD “These Young People Have the Potential” who intend to start a company when they graduate. During the session entitled “Types of Taxes and Companies”, young participants built up knowledge on company types that best fit their business plans and work styles.


At the last panel of the camp, Timur Topalgoekçeli, Founder of Hello Tomorrow Türkiye, moderated a session on the vision to expand overseas. Şahin Çağlayan, Founding Partner and CEO of Reengen, and Habibe Turfan, Founder of IGNIS, talked about how they penetrated world markets with the technologies they have developed, defining time as the most vital source for an entrepreneur.

 For entrepreneurs who plan on expanding abroad, Çağlayan underlined especially the need to adopt a global perspective at the ideation stage. She encouraged the listeners with these words: “Setting global goals changes the way an idea is valuated. If you want to find money, you need to know how to search for it. If your customers are abroad, you need to go global.”

Following the end of the training program, entrepreneurs appeared in front of the test jury, rehearsing before the final presentation to the mentors. Test presentations ended at 22:45. These sessions included Dr. İzel Levi Coşkun, our CEO and Chairman of the Working Group TÜSİAD “These Young People Have the Potential, Hayriye Ocak, our Intrapreneurship Specialist as well as our Marketing & Communication teams.

We wish success to all entrepreneurs who will be making presentations to mentors tomorrow.