The Third Day of TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential Entrepreneurship Camp

Entrepreneurs started the day with a speech entitled “Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship in Turkey” by Doğan Taşkent, Executive Board Member of Atabay. Taşkent warned young people against the massive challenges of entrepreneurship, pointing out the importance of finding answers to questions such as “Why have I arrived here? Why am I going to become an entrepreneur?” The experienced speaker also emphasized how solutions or success cannot be achieved without going out in the field, experiencing problems first hand, feeling them. He concluded his speech with the words: “Your client is out there in the world, not here! You have to go and find them!”

Doç.Dr.Adil Oran, Faculty Member of Management in METU (Middle East Technical University), showed entrepreneurs where clients were: Clients are somewhere outside, not here! He underlined the significance of value propositions and client segments on Canvas. Oran also pointed out the importance of data and market research to understand specific needs. He also detailed key dimensions of persona and MVP (minimum viable product).

Tülin Akın, founding partner of TABİT (Informatics Solutions to Agricultural Problems in Turkey), explained how possible it was to do what everybody considers impossible and that some projects get off the ground after hundreds of meetings. He also shared what lied behind the success of TABİT: “Developing technology from the perspective of a farmer, experiencing and feeling it like a farmer.” Clients, in Akın’s words, are “people and organizations that you need to convince.” He broadened the horizons of entrepreneurs on the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs were given a speech on feasibility and its importance by Dr.İzel Levi Coşkun, our CEO and Working Group Chairman of TÜSİAD “These Young People Have the Potential” program this year. Young listeners gained insight into what needs to be calculated and how, what needs to be considered when launching a business idea. Thanks to this training session, they are now equipped with the knowledge to build business ideas on stronger pillars.

Murat Şahin, CEO of Secure Drive, took the stage to model an applied case study of canvas, which was used throughout the camo. He described various collaboration models and the development of Secure Drive.

Arzu Deniz Aksoy, Communications Director of BASF Türkiye, was a moderator in a session on the importance and potential of social entrepreneurship. The speakers were Burak Onat Bilgiç (Twin Science &Robotic Business Development) and Mina İlköz (YGA). Young entrepreneurs appreciated the change motivated by Young Guru Academy with science kits of Twin.

Entrepreneurs learned about “Fintech”, a rising star recently, by Selim Yazıcı, Founding Partner of  Fintech İstanbul. He asked the question: “What would be more worrying for you, forgetting your wallet or your mobile phone at home?” The answer should be clear as day.

Entrepreneurs started the afternoon program at ING Bank, welcomed by a speech by Pınar Abay, General Manager of ING Bank, who described intrapreneurship. Abay emphasized the pivotal role of individual freedoms of employees to create a spirit of intrapreneurship. 

Participants of the TÜSİAD “These Young People Have the Potential” program were presented a session on how to specify a target market and market penetration strategies. The session was moderated by Serkan Sevim who hosted 3 entrepreneurs including Insider Channel Sales and Mobile Platform Director Ali Can Kamiloğlu, who shared their market penetration strategies. Hazel Topçu, Founding Partner of The Snack Haus, referred to how an idea that popped up during a trip triggered a journey of transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship. Her story was especially inspiring for women entrepreneurs. Aycan Köktürk, founder of Morikukko, told entrepreneurs about how she was inspired by her grandmother’s sewing machine to design a multifunction bag, an item she needed most after becoming a mother. She then mentioned how she registered her right to design after the first sales of her product and how she launched the sales.

Following these inspiring speeches, entrepreneurs joined investors and business people including Gökçen Müftüoğlu Çapa, our Financial Special Analysis Services Leader, for an “Interactive Session with Business People.” Entrepreneurs described their projects during the session and received feedback.

Following the “Interactive Session with Business People,” a networking cocktail was held. Participants included Mehmet Eronat and Pınar Derkazez, our Management Consultants; Gökçen Müftüoğlu Çapa, our Financial Special Analysis Services Leader; Laura Negrisoiu, Governance and IT Alignment Manager; Hayriye Ocak, Intrapreneurship Specialist as well as our Marketing & Communications Team.

The third day of TÜSİAD “These Young People Have the Potential” program ended at 20:15.