“TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” Camp, of Which We Are Gold Sponsors Has Begun

“TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” camp, of which we are Gold Sponsors, helps university students develop an innovative perspective and entrepreneurial competence, supporting them in all aspects including training, networking, incubation activities and mentorship. This year, the camp was launched with the speech by our CEO Dr. İzel Levi Coşkun, the Chairman of the Working Group.

In his speech addressing the entrepreneurs, Dr. İzel Levi pointed out how there would be no losers throughout the program. His closing remarks were as follows: “Find your own correct paths! Develop your own strategies to reach those paths, take your own steps... You are now experiencing what could be a turning point in your life, we are setting out on a journey together. I wish you tremendous success on this journey. Please remember that you are not alone. We are by your side at all times and we are proud, happy and sincere in our effort to be by your side.”

“TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” is the biggest entrepreneurship program of Turkey, which this year gathered 100 entrepreneur students from various cities. For a total of 5 days, they will be joining various training programs, developing projects and will be matched with guides at the end to try and participate in the entrepreneurship competition. This year, the initiative was evolved from entrepreneurship competition to entrepreneurship program, receiving 1200 projects from all over Turkey. 35 of these projects were qualified to join the camp in Bahçeşehir University.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Tunç Bozbura represented Bahçeşehir University, the host of “TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” program this year. In his speech, he referred to the development of market conditions in Turkey, underlining the important role entrepreneurs will play in a world transitioning from one that’s dominated by digital immigrants to one that will be led by generation Y and even Z members. He also shared a story of barter by Kyle Macdonald which started with a paperclip, inspiring thoughts on the concept of “value.”

An icebreaker was played to help entrepreneurs coming from different parts of the country get to know each other and express themselves better. The purpose was to help everybody socialize with a small game. An important aspect of it was “spreading your ideas to as many people as possible”, a key rule in entrepreneurship. The game broke the ice, helped groups mingle.

Melda Çele, Deputy Secretary General of TÜSİAD, gave presentations on ““TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” and TÜSİAD itself, followed by Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut, Vice Rector of MEF University.

Prof. Dr. Erkut has been broadening the horizons of young people for years, giving them ideas on the questions What is Entrepreneurship? Who is an Entrepreneur? He acted as moderator in a session that hosted 2015-2018 alumni of “TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential”: Pelin Baykan (ANLATAN ELLER) – Berhudan Aslan (PHYSHOME) – Zafer Elçik (OTSİMO) The participants talked about how they launched their ideas, how they gathered their teams and shared advice on what an entrepreneur should pay attention to.

The first day of the program was concluded with an enlightening speech by Bahadır Kaleağası, TÜSİAD Secretary General: “How is the World Changing? A Brief History of the Near Future.”

Following the end of an intense first day with presentations, Murat Özyeğin, TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship Round Table Leader, hosted a networking cocktail. Participants included CEO Dr. İzel Levi Coşkun representing Mazars Denge; Mehmet Eronat, our Management Consulting Partner, Hayriye Ocak, our Intrapreneurship Specialist and an alumna of “TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” in 2018, as well as the Marketing Team of Mazars Denge. The event lasted until 21:05.

“TÜSİAD These Young People Have the Potential” camp will last until Saturday, February 9. You can follow all the developments of the camp on Mazar Denge Girişimcilik Vitrini (Entrepreneurship Showcase) and Mazars Denge Instagram accounts.