Accounting & Outsourcing Services

Our aim is to establish an accounting system that meets legal requirements while supplying management with timely and precise information. By partially or entirely outsourcing the accounting departments, we offer an alternative to the formation of the in-house accounting department and the obligation of making investments in equipment, personnel, costly accounting software, and so forth. All your accounting and payroll needs can be secured under the supervision of our technically skilled, experienced, professionally qualfied and specialized teams, who work alongside you.

Within the scope of partial outsourcing, our services can consist of any one of accounting, finance, reporting, payroll or personnel services, or you can benefit from all these services in one package: the Accounting, Payroll and Reporting Service.

Accounting Review Services

What are the advantages of realizing accounting review services through outsource? You will find out "Accounting Review Services" in this section.

Payroll Services

-Preparation of payroll

-Preparation of payroll slips and setting up payment orders via internet banking

-Preparation and declaration of Social Security and withholding tax declarations

-Monitoring banks to verify timely payment of salaries

Reporting Services

-All kinds of financial reporting, and preparation of management reports, budgets, cash flows, etc. (USGAAP, IFRS, consolidation reports, etc.)

-Accomplishing other miscellaneous tasks and preparation of special reports upon request

Accounting Services

-Establishing accounting and cost systems, and organizing the accounting departments
-Providing bookkeeping services under the supervision of our foreign language-speaking experts
-Year-end closing of the statutory books
-Preparation and declaring of VAT, witholding tax, stamp duty, quarterly/yearly corporate tax declarations, etc.