What benefits will outsourcing your payrolling operations provide for your company?

*Outsourcing payrolling operations of your company will bring down Personnel and General Management Expenses significantly
*You will preserve the wage confidentiality desired by senior management of companies
*All your legal notifications will be made completely and you will be notified of amended laws and daily regulations at once
*Thanks to our specialized payroll teams and special software, you will save a great deal of time in your operations
*Our team specialized in payroll and all personnel operations will offer unlimited consultancy to you

Our Offerings:

  • Calculation of Hourly/Daily/Monthly/Yearly payrolls
  • Preparation and sending of monthly SSI notifications through the system  
  • Performing Personnel Employment / Termination  through the SSI system 
  • Payroll checks as per the Social Security Laws
  • Payroll checks as per the Tax Procedural Law
  • Payroll checks as per the Labor Law
  • Preparation of seniority and notice payrolls.


  • Sending of wage payrolls with encryption (closed envelope & e-mail) on personnel basis,  
  • Sending of wage payments in the relevant bank format (.txt, .xml, .xls) with encryption by the system


  • Realization of monthly reports to the Turkish Statistical Institute  
  • Realization of standard and special reports  
  • Accounting integration specific to all existing ERP and packaged software  


Consultancy on Social Security Legislation, Labor Law, Tax Procedural Law