Financial Due Diligence Services

Mazars Denge provides comfort to both buyers (acquirers) and sellers (vendors) with an independent view of the business, encompassing both its performance and its prospects. The Mazars Denge Financial Due Diligence Services Team assesses the reliability of accounting practices, together with the historical financial results, and evaluates the attractiveness of the investment in terms of its financial and operational strengths and risks.

General Scope

• Dataroom management, preparation

• Review of the history and development of the Company and activities undertaken; analysis of historical financial results

• Review of EBITDA of the Target and quality of earnings analysis (normalized earnings); understanding of items

impacting underlying earnings (e.g. non-recurring items, non-operational items and accounting issues)

• Analysis of assets, liabilities, operational expenses and related party transactions in every material respect

• Analysis of human resource structure

• Review of business plan, assumptions and achievability