Due Diligence

With it's sector expertise and experience, Mazars Denge provides due dilligence services at every stage of merges and acquisitions processes in Turkey. Mazars Denge provides due diligence services to both selling and buying parties of these processes by identifiying the financial risk of the target company and providing help to the selling company in preparing for the selling process.

Acquisition due diligence

In acquisition due diligence, we conduct a detailed investigation of information at the target company to identify issues and assist the management of the acquisition process by:

  • Gaining an understanding of the performance and business model of the target company,
  • Analyses of the target's underlying historical performance,
  • Identifying the financial drivers which directly have an impact on acquisition price,
  • Identifying potential risks.

Vendor due diligence

We also help you handle sales processes by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing factors to increase the business value,
  • Compiling pro forma financial information,
  • Providing guidance at each phase of the negotiation process,
  • Helping the selling shareholders become aware of any financial issues that will be seen as problems during the process to help them take timely action to eliminate such issues.