Tax Consulting & Full Certification

Our tax consulting and tax certification services are provided by Sworn Financial Advisors and Turkish CPAs. Mazars Denge provides assistance in meeting all legal regulations for income, estate, payroll, sales and excise taxes.

We conduct periodical reviews and prepare detailed reports on risks inherent in the application of tax legislation. In addition, we prepare “circulars” on every major amendment in tax legislation and forward these to our clients regularly via e-mail.

Tax certification services

  • Revision of legal books, related documents and financial statements within the framework of tax legislation
  • Checking conformity of provisional tax returns with legislation each quarter
  • Checking conformity of corporate tax returns with the legislation
  • Preparation of annual corporate tax certification report
  • Preparation of tax examination reports on a quarterly basis

Other certification services

  • Certification that capital is paid in
  • Determining shareholders’ receivables that would be added to capital
  • Determining retained earnings
  • Rating and certification of TUBlTAK-TEYDEB project costs
  • Certification of positive distinction from capital adjustment that would be added to capital.
  • Certification of revenue exemptions from corporation tax
  • Certification of financial statements given to banks demanding credit and guarantee letters
  • Certification of other transactions foreseen by procedural tax laws and Law No. 3568
  • Preparing production certification report regarding Excise Duty (Special Consumption Tax) Law