Corporate Finance

Formed by specialists with a wealth of experience in corporate finance, our department provides services in the fields of:

  • Company Valuation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Project Financing
  • Capital Markets Legislation.

Company Valuation

Increasing foreign investor interest in Turkey and a trend toward mergers between domestic ventures have led shareholders to demand accurate information on the value of their shares.  Valuation requirements are also mandated by Capital Markets Board legislation. Responding to the demands of today’s market, we provide the following services:

  • Review of company activities and preparation of future business plans
  • Estimation of company value according to globally recognized methods (net asset value, net  book value, discounted cash flow and coefficient methods)
  • Differentiation of minority and majority shares

Initial Public Offering Consultancy

Companies will benefit from working with a consultant on their side prior to applying to a brokerage institution for an IPO. This enables companies to understand and correct their weak points before presenting themselves to investors, the Capital Markets Board and the Stock Exchange, and to emphasize their strengths while ensuring that all procedures flow smoothly. We provide the following services:

  • Determining IPO strategy (timing, method, selection of broker, selection of market (national market or emerging business, domestic or foreign exchanges, etc.)
  • Operational, financial, legal and tax preparation (disposal of non-operational assets, determining merger or division requirements, creation of governance structure)
  • Preparation of introductory documents for investors (info memo)
  • Producing the documents and managing the procedure for CMB and ISE applications

Merger and Acquisition Consultancy

We provide financial consultancy services to the seller or purchaser in any merger, acquisition or divestiture requiring the transfer of shares. These services include:

  • Bringing seller and purchaser together (provision of strategic or financial partners)
  • Preparation of the seller’s company for sale with regard to operational, financial, legal and tax matters
  • Preparation and submission of introductory documents on behalf sellers
  • Examination and identification of potential sellers on behalf of buyers
  • Active participation in the drafting and negotiation of letters of intent, share transfer agreements, shareholder agreements and other documents on behalf of buyers or sellers
  • Company valuation
  • Due diligence

Project Financing

We provide these services to secure long-term financing for large-scale projects:

  • Selecting and contacting prospective domestic and foreign financiers
  • Conducting financial feasibility studies that include project details
  • Conducting feasibility studies for financiers
  • Aligning with other technical consultants working on a project


Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance (Chinese)

Corporate Finance (Chinese)