Corporate Risk Management, Internal Control and Internal Audit Services

For companies, risk management is now more important because of today’s competitive environment, requirement for compliance with regulations, laws and legislation, evolving management requirements and expanding technology use.

It is essential for regulators, creditors, investors, clients and suppliers to ensure that the businesses with whom they
are in contact are reliable organizations having a solid structure. An efficient risk management process which will allow determination of risks at organization level in the light of a common risk perception and in an integrated manner, and analysis, prioritization and reporting of these risks, as well as an internal audit operation which will allow auditing the efficiency and adequacy of the corporate management and risk management processes and internal control systems will not only facilitate the decision-making process of the senior executives, but also create added value and increase the companies’ competitiveness in the market.

Corporate Risk Management Services

Observance of corporate governance principles based on the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and liability, and creation of a management approach independent from the people working at the company are of utmost importance in order to ensure sustainable growth of companies. Ensuring that a corporate risk management approach is established at the company and becomes an integral part of the corporate culture is a very important step which will ensure fast, rational and open decision-making mechanisms based on comparable data. Corporate Risk Management is about creating an organization which is resistant to risks.

Main purposes of Corporate Risk Management:

• Ensuring the sustainability of the organization

• Ensuring more efficient management of the uncertainties to be encountered during the development of the organization

• Allowing the organization to focus on more critical issues together with its development

Our Services

• Establishing a corporate risk management process

• Preparation of the corporate risk management procedure and report format

• Determination of key risk indicators

• Provision of corporate risk management trainings

• Preparation / review / testing of business continuity plans

• Preparation of Code of Conduct

* Provision of a Code of Conduct hotline service

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit introduces a systematic and disciplined approach for the evaluation and improvement of the risk management efficiency, control and management processes, and thus helps organizations achieve their objectives. Internal Audit is a function, and observes at regular intervals whether the Company’s internal control system is functioning effectively and efficiently on the basis prioritized risks. Internal Audit is a type of consultancy service designed to add value to, and improve, an organization’s operations, which provides independent and objective assurance.

Main purposes of Internal Audit:

• Compliance with the organization’s policies, regulations and laws

• Ensuring the integrity and reliability of financial and operational information

• Economic and efficient use of resources

• Preservation of assets

Our Services

• Establishing / restructuring of an internal audit function

 •Out-sourcing for internal auditing activities

• Co-sourcing for internal auditing activities

• Preparation of a risk-based internal audit plan

• Quality Assurance Evaluations related to internal auditing departments

• Prevention and examination of fraud

• Provision of internal audit trainings

Internal Control Services

Internal Control is a process designed to provide an acceptable level of assurance that will allow the organization to achieve its objectives and fulfill its missions. Internal Control is a system, and must be incorporated in the Company’s business flows.

Main purposes of Internal Control

• Increasing the efficiency and efficacy of operations

• Ensuring the reliability and integrity of reports and financial statements

• Ensuring compliance with the existing laws and regulations

Our Services

• Designing and evaluation of business process controls

• Documenting business processes and process controls

• Establishing / restructuring of an internal control function

• Creation of authorization approval frameworks

• Creation of company policies and procedures

• Preparation of job descriptions containing the relevant roles and responsibilities

• Determination of development areas for the internal control systems and development of improvement suggestions

• Evaluation of the existing internal control structures, and determination of risks

• Preparation of process business flows

• Preparation of risk / control matrix


Internal Audit Services
Internal Audit Services
Governance, Risk Compliance and Sustainability
Governance, Risk Compliance and Sustainability
Corporate Risk Management, Internal Control and Internal Audit Services
Corporate Risk Management, Internal Control and Internal Audit Services
Corporate Risk Management & Internal Control (Chinese)
Corporate Risk Management & Internal Control (Chinese)