Information Technologies Audit, Security and Consultancy Services

In our modern world, the electronic communications revolution is profoundly transforming all spheres of daily life, commercial, industrial and social. That means protecting information is as important as possessing it. With a competent, solution-oriented team, Mazars Denge ensures that company processes in the data security, cybersecurity and IT audit areas serve the company’s strategic goals. Today, as electronic transformation dominates commercial life, we believe that
Information Security plays a vital role in business sustainability.

Mazars Denge Data Security Services can be grouped under 3 main categories:

1. Compliance and Governance

In addressing cybersecurity risk, internationally accepted best practices and standards offer a proven holistic perspective. The certifications for these standards ensure clients in the supply chain that the cybersecurity risks are managed effectively, comprehensively and continuously.

Mazars Denge helps companies comply with best practices and standards, increasing governance quality. Thus:

• Business decisions are supported, and high-quality information is provided;

• Information Technologies are used efficiently and innovatively in achieving strategic targets and realizing business processes;

• The company attains operational perfection through reliable, capable, and efficient technological practices;

• IT risks are managed on an acceptable level;

• IT services and technology costs are optimized;

• Relevant laws, regulations, agreements and policies are observed;

• Cybersecurity for IT operations is increased, and defense against wide-scale cyber attack is improved, and risk exposure during cyber incidents is decreased.

Our Compliance and Governance Services:

> Cobit 4.1 and Cobit 5

> PCI DSS 3.2

> ISO 27001:2013

> NISTCyber Security

> Law on the Protection of Personal Data

> BRSA regulations and standards on IT

> Information and Communication Technologies Authority regulations and standards on IT

> Data security risk strategy

> Supplier Audits

> Audit preparation evaluation

2. IT Competencies

Information Technologies (IT) competencies analysis involves the comparison of existing IT capacity with actual best practices and recommendations for improvement. Using the results of the analysis, business processes are supported via effective, agile and powerful IT organization, and the realization of long-term strategies is furthered.

Our IT examination method is designed based on the way business strategy and operations are supported by IT systems. We obtain in-depth information on the IT activity by assessing the relevant documents and IT system examination results in conjunction with critical personnel. In addition, we compare the results we obtained with industry best practices and detect potential differences. Work reports are prepared so as to give a 360-degree opinion about IT competencies and industry standards to the management.

Using IT competence analyses, Mazars Denge supports the improvement of IT competencies. Thus:

•  Competencies are repositioned to support the IT business strategy and ensures efficiency;

•  IT costs are reduced;

•  Daily operational performance is improved and efficiency is increased;

•  Access to reporting structures is provided via real-time, accurate and correct data, ensuring an adequate level of transparency;

•  Compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations is reinforced;

•  The general risk level is reduced via risk elimination plans (e.g. Disaster Recovery, IT Security).

Our Services in the IT Competencies Area:

> IT strategic management                                               

> Institutional architecture management                             

> Data security management                                             

> Information inventory management                                 

> Human resources management                                       

> Program and project management                                  

> Software development management                               

> Access and ID management 

> Service management

> Supplier management

> Technical infrastructure management

> Research, development and engineering (Innovation Processes)

> End-user experience design

> Business continuity services

> Process and document design


3. Technical Infrastructure

Technical infrastructure security services include technical consultancy and audit services for servers, firewalls, infrastructure elements and related systems and structures. This service mainly entails the assessment and improvement of various techniques employed in ID authentication and protection in organizations against data theft and sensitive information.

Technical Infrastructure Security Services:

> Configuration management

> Security product selection consultancy

> Security reference architecture

> Security data architecture

> Infrastructure devices revision

> Security device management

> Technical design

> Technical development

> Operational security

> Security hardening analyses


Information Technologies Audit, Security and Consultancy Services
Information Technologies Audit, Security and Consultancy Services
Information Technologies Audit, Security and Consultancy Services (Chinese)
Information Technologies Audit, Security and Consultancy Services (Chinese)