Management and HR Consultancy Services

Management & Organization and Human Resources Consulting Services Unit, which was established under the roof of Advisory Services in 2018, provides development and implementation consulting services aiming to develop all systems of companies and organizations from culture to strategy, organization to process, technology to human management.

The Management & Organization & HR Consulting Unit works with its customers not only in the design phase of the project, but also in the implementation and follow-up phase, playing an especially key role in ensuring success in their projects with its implementation consulting approach during the implementation phase. Strongly committed to contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of the companies through its projects, the unit considers project reports not as an ultimate goal, but as a tool for implementation. Measuring real success by feasible projects that ensure customer satisfaction and create added value for companies, the unit provides quality and feasible solutions to its customers by leveraging its implementation and project experience in integrated human resources systems.


  • Corporate Development and Organizational Transformation Solutions
  • Staff Optimization and Productivity Services
  • Function-based Process Improvement Solutions
  • Efficiency Analysis of Human Resources Systems and Customized Review
  • Development and Restructuring of Integrated Human Resources Systems
  • Establishment and Development of Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Creating a Revenue (Fee) Model
  • Premium System Services
  • Talent Management and Competency Model Services
  • Specialist Training for Human Resources Professionals (Design and implementation)
  • Continuous Consulting and Support Services for Human Resources Units


Management and HR Consultancy Services
Management and HR Consultancy Services