China desk

The China Desk at Mazars Denge offers company formation, tax, inspection, training and corporate finance consultancy services to Turkey-based businesses that aim to invest in China as well as China-based businesses wishing to invest in Turkey.

Mazars GCS| Overview of Our Advantages

Mazars Global China Services is a global platform comprised of international experts where China related expertise, experience and resources can be shared, integrated and maximized, to better support the overseas expansion of Chinese companies. Mazars Global China Services team operates in 30 countries outside China to support the development of Chinese companies overseas. We provide a full range of services including Audit & Assurance, Accounting, Advisory, Tax & Legal and Training services.

Mazars海外中国业务部 是一个集中了国际化人才与专家的平台,共享与中国相关的经验、知识和资源,并将其整合和最大化利用,用以为在海外投资的中资企业提供最佳服务。Mazars 海外中国业务部团队活跃在30个国家,支持中资企业在海外的投资业务。我们能够提供各种服务,包括审计与鉴证,会计,咨询,税务和法律等。