Tax Services

Mazars Denge offers tax consultancy, full certification, tax advisory, revision, transfer pricing and VAT return services.

Mazars Denge has expert certification specialists who have been trained under the company’s experience of 40 years. These expert certification teams diligently review client documents and records under Law No. 3568 on Independent Accountancy, Independent Public Accountancy and Certified Public Accountancy.

The reports that Mazars Denge specialists send to clients’ management serve three purposes: (i) communicating errors to management so that measures can be taken to prevent tax-related risks; (ii) protecting the company from negative inspection findings; and (iii) ensuring that the company is in good tax standing. 

How Mazars Denge Services Are Distinct: 

• Continuous development of CAP software carried out by the company’s technical team increases tax audit efficiency and reduces workload for clients’ accounting departments during fieldwork.

• The company’s tax partner checks review reports prepared by Mazars Denge offices through sampling, and the results are reported to the relevant CPA and Board of Directors.

• Every three weeks, CPAs and directors in all Mazars Denge Offices convene for a technical meeting at which they discuss legal amendments, newly published articles and communiques within the financial quarter.


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