Our expertise

Mazars in Turkey offers a full range of professional services including audit, accounting, tax, advisory and legal services for a wide range of clients across the spectrum of industry sectors.

A fully-integrated global firm, Mazars offers professional audit, accounting, tax and advisory services. Mazars operates in 102 countries and regions with 86 international integrated partnership locations and 16 Mazars liaison offices. Through Praxity Alliance’s professional teams, Mazars’s global reach is further increased with an additional 21 countries. Mazars leverages the expertise of 20.000 employees across the globe in 300 offices of 980 partners. It serves clients of all sizes and in all stages of development from SMEs to global corporations and from venture capital companies to public agencies.

In 2017, Mazars Denge celebrated its 40th anniversary with its professional team of 337 working in seven offices in six provinces across Turkey, and over 1,000 clients. Clients of Mazars Denge receive the same level of quality in Tax, Audit, Accounting and Advisory Services in the company’s İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Denizli and Gaziantep offices, and enjoy the privilege of the senior attention by 34 partners, of whom 15 are certified public accountants, who directly address the needs of clients.

Tax Services

Mazars Denge offers tax consultancy, full certification, tax advisory, revision, transfer pricing and VAT return services.

Independent Audit Services

Audit teams having deeper technical knowledge and specializing in diverse key areas of focus, Mazars Denge is ready to deliver boutique audit services with the highest quality to you. Our portfolio of clients comprises businesses of different sizes that are engaged in a vast range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, textile, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, tourism, food and similar consumables, finance, insurance, investment and banking, retail, air transport, machinery, electronics, petroleum, telecommunication, as well as local and central governmental organizations and nonprofit organizations.

Accounting Services

By making it possible for its clients to partially or entirely outsource their accounting departments, Mazars Denge provides an alternative to setting up an accounting department and to the obligation to invest in computer hardware, personnel, expensive accounting software, etc. In addition, regular tax inspections are carried out and the results are reported to company management to provide information about tax errors that may result in fines. The services we offer also include payroll and management reporting. Finally, Mazars Denge prepares circulars on every major amendment in tax and labor legislation and forwards these to clients regularly via e-mail.

Advisory Services

With its interdisciplinary structure, Mazars Denge provides exclusive solutions to customer needs in different industries. Our main lines of business include:

• Corporate Finance Services (valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and other corporate finance services)

• Strategic Management Consultancy Services

• Corporate Governance, Risk, Control and Internal Audit Services

• Information Technology and Risk Services


You can follow the topical subjects in tax system by courtesy of circulars which is prepared by Mazars in Turkey' tax professionals.

Denge Academy

At Denge Academy experts offer boutique training courses in a wide range of professional fields.

China Desk

The China Desk at Mazars Denge offers company formation, tax, inspection, training and corporate finance consultancy services to Turkey-based businesses that aim to invest in China as well as China-based businesses wishing to invest in Turkey.

French Desk

The French Desk at Mazars Denge offers company formation, tax, audit, training and corporate finance consultancy services to Turkey-based businesses that aim to invest in France as well as France-based business wishing to invest in Turkey.