Human resources policies

At Mazars, we care about our team: we are committed to creating a safe and fair work environment where our people can thrive and are empowered to achieve their objectives. We want to attract top talent and have taken the steps to ensure our recruitment process is fair, transparent and free of any bias.

Ensuring our recruitment process is transparent and fair

We value diversity and we want to select the most suitable and competent candidates at the end of a transparent recruitment process in which each candidate is given equal opportunity. In practice, we have and will continue to:

  • Adopt practices that will help our firm to remain an innovative company, attracting the most talented and open-minded individuals
  • Prioritise existing employees for open positions if they meet the requirements
  • Implement practices to improve women’s employment and development
  • Remove gender, religion, ethnicity and any type of bias from our recruitment and promotion processes.

Caring for our people

We care for our people and are committed to creating a safe and fair environment where they can thrive. This entails:

Putting in place health and safety practices and providing training when needed to create and maintain a safe and peaceful work environment for our peopleDeveloping HR policies based on the principle of establishing an “emotional bond” with all employeesFollowing a fair wage policy and evolving our performance systems to take into account and reflect the changing needs and demands of our people and the market.

Empowering our people to reach their goals

Being a learning organisation is an important part of who we are. We have developed various initiatives to encourage our people to develop their skills and learn continuously. We:

  • Offer technical and professional development and training opportunities to our people using different formats including classroom learning, online courses, one-to-one coaching and mentoring.
  • Provide guidance to employees on how to develop their career plans, encourage them to take secondment opportunities - to a different team or abroad – and integrate sustainability into their objectives to develop their skills and help them reach their professional goals.
  • Create a workspace environment where creativity, innovation and intrapreneurship are made possible by design rather than by chance.